Solar Reflective

Solar reflective glass is produced by coating one or more layers of metal or compound thin film on float glass by way of vacuum magnetron sputtering. As the predecessor to the low E coating line, the major function of the coating is to control the reflection, transmission and absorption of direct solar radiation at desirable ration, and to produce the needed reflective colors.


  • Thickness (mm): 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 19
  • Dimension (mm): 300*300 to¬†2440*6000


  • Limits direct solar radiation transmission. Versatile reflective colours and excellent aesthetic effect.
  • Excellent visibility shielding on the indoor objects and structures.
  • Great visible light transmittance and reflectance.
  • Decreases transmission of UV.

Performance Data
Sample DescriptionColourVLT% Reflective EXTReflective INTU VALUEShading CoefficientSHGC
6mm SolarPro 160 on ClearBlue Grey6310145.720.800.69
6mm SolarPro 152 on ClearBlue Grey5112135.370.680.59
6mm SolarPro 138 on ClearLight Grey3915195.250.580.51
6mm SolarPro 135 on ClearLight Gold4120145.190.580.50

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