Insulating Glass 

Insulating glass comprises of two or more plies of glass that are separated with aluminium spacer fully filled with desiccant, and sides sealed with high strength sealant. This allows Insulating Glass Units (IGUs) to increase thermal performance by reducing heat gain or loss. Annealed clear glass, tinted glass, solar reflective glass, Low-E glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, heat-strengthened glass and curved glass can all be used to form insulating glass according to demands.  At ASG we pride ourselves in delivering innovative and high performing low-e products. our low-e coating series are as below:


Low-E Coating Series

Super Series

Post Temperable options designed to meet complex architectural designs and innovations.


High performing products with a natural, highly transmissive appearance.

Aqua SHade®

High performing products with variations of a stylish cool blue.

Cool SHade®

Cool grey series with low reflectivity and good daylight transmission

Plati SHade®

Highly reflective silver grey series with spectacular solar control.

Super SHade®

Best performing products looking to satisfy stringent performance demands.

UniQ SHade

Special coatings each with a unique colour and character of their own.


  • Standard sizes and  dimensions
  • Width of aluminium spacer (mm):  6, 9, 12, 16, 20
  • Dimensions (mm):  300 x 300 to 2440 x 6000



  • Thermal properties: the U-value is effectively lowered by insulating glazing and can be further reduced by filling of argon.
  • Acoustical Insulation: insulating glazing can reduce noise by more than 30db.
  • Condensation: the dew point of insulating glazing system is below -65°C which guarantees that condensation will not be formed under normal applications.
  • Sealing: Our use of high quality aluminium spacers and structural silicon ensures excellent sealing characteristics and longevity.  

Performance Data
Double Low ETriple Low EPost TemperableUniQ SHade
Sample DescriptionColourVLT% Reflective EXTReflective INTU VALUEShading CoefficientSHGC
6mm Visualite® 78-1 on Clear+12mm Airspacer+6mm ClearNeutral6810121.660.450.39
6mm Visualite® 67-1 on Clear+12mm Airspacer+6mm ClearNeutral6312121.640.410.35
6mm Aqua SHade® 60-1 on Clear+12mm Airspacer+6mm ClearLight Blue5916141.650.360.31
6mm Cool SHade® 57-1 on Clear+12mm Airspacer+6mm ClearLight Grey5215111.650.350.30
6mm Cool SHade® 52-1 on Clear+12mm Airspacer+6mm ClearLight Grey4914111.660.330.29
6mm Cool SHade® 30-1 on Clear+12mm Airspacer+6mm ClearLight Grey3119121.670.230.20
6mm Plati SHade® 39-1 on Clear+12mm Airspacer+6mm ClearSilver grey4120161.640.270.23
Sample DescriptionColourVLT% Reflective EXTReflective INTU VALUEShading CoefficientSHGC 
6mm Visualite 70S-1 on Clear+12Airspacer+6mm ClearNeutral6211131.620.340.29
6mm Visualite 65S-1 on Clear+12Airspacer+6mm ClearNeutral Green6111121.620.330.28
6mm Super SHade 55S-1 on Clear+12Airspacer+6mm ClearNeutral Grey509141.640.300.26
6mm Super SHade 52S-1 on Clear+12Airspacer+6mm Clear
Neutral Grey4916121.620.280.24
Sample DescriptionColourVLT% Reflective EXTReflective INTU VALUEShading CoefficientSHGC
6mm Super S1#2 on Clear+12mm Airspacer+6mm ClearNeutral7712131.780.700.60
6mm Super S2#2 on Clear+12mm Airspacer+6mm ClearNeutral6516121.800.550.48
6mm Super S3#2 on Clear+12mm Airspacer+6mm ClearNeutral5420111.820.470.41
6mm Super D66-1 on Clear+12mm Airspacer+6mm ClearNeutral6010111.690.400.35
6mm Super D46-1 on Clear+12mm Airspacer+6mm ClearNeutral4313151.690.280.24
6mm Super T65S-1 on Clear+12mm Airspacer+6mm ClearNeutral6410121.650.350.30
Sample DescriptionColourVLT% Reflective EXTReflective INTU VALUEShading CoefficientSHGC
6mm Ivory Gold 50-1 on ClearLight Gold4518171.700.340.29
6mm Champagne 46-1 on ClearChampagne4120181.740.320.28
6mm Sky Blue 43-1 on ClearSky Blue4320141.640.270.23




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