Ceramic Frit

Ceramic Frit Glass

Ceramic Frit glass is tempered or heat strengthened glass with one surface either partially or totally covered with inorganic glazes. With its stable and unfading colour, our Ceramic Frit selection can serve as a great customisation for outstanding decorative effect, but also as a great colour back option that can be used for spandrels or as replacements for heavy deadweight materials. ASG offers a dynamic range of colour and pattern options for your selection. Based on project requirements, we are able to match your colour and pattern preferences. For a variety of colour and pattern options, please contact our expert consultants.

Featured Frit Patterns


Featured Frit Colours

Technical Info
Standard Sizes and Dimensions

Thickness (mm): 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 19

Dimensions(mm): 300x300 to 2250×4500.
For larger sizes please enquire with us.

Features and Applications

- Various colours and patterns (may be customised), fast colour and luster, outstanding decorative effect.

- Increases solar shading effect by absorbing and reflecting solar energy.

- High safety performance achieved through tempering.

- Can be coated and combined to form laminated, insulating glass, etc.